Walking Prayers — Art and Poetry Celebrates Women

Posted On Oct 17 2016 by

AMEN and Hallelujah for strong women. I’ve been wondering if I should or how I should respond to Mr. trump and all the men who have turned a blind eye or ear to his behavior for decades. This is it. A beloved and wise client sent me this. Be Happy, Wild, & Free, Dear One. I Love You William P.S. In this election cycle it would be obviously useful to pass this on.  

Immersing in Oneness

Posted On Oct 28 2014 by

Today’s Oracle My software angels choose this oracle quote for you today: 310) Life, we learn too late, is in the living, in the tissue of every day and hour. – Stephen Leacock You can use my Potent Quotes Oracle page whenever you need help.  Hold a question in your heart, and see what quote comes up for you when you scroll down. Get the Wizard’s Handbook on Oracle Creation and have fun with oracles.   Immersing in Oneness I want to experience oneness all the time. I have many practices that help train me to do this which I have shared …

Sacred Oatmeal???

Posted On May 13 2011 by

In the first of our four Living with Magicality conversations Krysta Gibson talks about a surprisingly, cool transformational tool – eating oatmeal. (http://goo.gl/uLpMI) “How’s that?” you ask? It is cool, and I use it too. It reminds me of the silly joke – Buddha goes up to the hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.” Ho HoHo. As you are eating your oatmeal or your food of choice, consider … Where did it come from? How many people were involved to bring you your breakfast? Maybe a spouse. Certainly, farmers. And truckers. And the guys that built …

Would You Like to Live a Magical and Practical Life?

Posted On May 6 2011 by

How Would You Like to Live a Magical – and Practical – Life? Obviously, you’d love it. But do you know how? In four wonderfully revealing conversations, Krysta Gibson and I tell you how you can live a magical life while fulfilling all your practical needs in the real world. We call it Living with Magicality! Click to Continue => http://goo.gl/uLpMI Krysta Gibson and I have been colleagues for over 20 years and we have both actively been exploring how to live magical lives. And we have been coaching others for decades. We decided to record four conversations. They were …

Roswell Shame Cure

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I’ve been researching shame and its toxic effects on one’s life again.  In particular, I’m examining shame and its relationship to fear for the ever expanding Kill the Worrywart Program. Quick Overview of Shame  You need healthy connections.  You die without them.  Shame is the certain belief that there is something wrong with you.  And that if people knew, they would disconnect from you.  You’re not good enough to be loved.  Shame is universal.  Everyone has some.  Same underlies all your really damaging fears. Now for the Roswell Shame Cure  Roswell is a small, wiry, black and white dog.  She …