A Reader Has a Great Suggestion for A Gift

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Here’s a suggestion for giving  The Twenty Second Smile as a gift. This is William’s best book ever. I love his description, “Engagingly Playful Strategies to be Happy, Wild and Free.” I have just ordered a few more because I can think of so many friends who will love it. Perfect for holiday giving! What a beautiful book! Thank you again William! Another reader gave the book to everyone in her book club.  How fun. The book is beautiful to look at on the coffee table or by your bedside.  It’s fun, playful, and inspiring.  At its best it can …

Amazon’s Happy Now – It Has the Twenty Second Smile

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Best laid plans…  I told you about my wonderful new book, The Twenty Second Smile: Plus 97 More Engagingly Playful Strategies to Help You Be Happy, Wild, and Free.  And that you could get it on the CreateSpace store.  Well, they closed the store.  I was told I should have gotten an email…  Nope. So the good news is that you can get it right now at a discount, below cost, until Amazon changes its mind. JudyAnne – Says on the Kindle page – Even more than William’s other books, I can quickly refer to this one when I need …

Book Trailers Are Cool – Watch My Trailer for The Twenty Second Smile

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I’ve just posted my book trailer for The Twenty Second Smile, my latest book.  You’ll enjoy the short trailer and the book, too. Here’s the trailer > The Twenty Second Smile You can enjoy other trailers on that page too. You can get the book here – The Twenty Second Smile: Plus 97 More Engagingly Playful Strategies to Help you be Happy, Wild, and Free — Kindle Version I recommend the Paperback Version –It’s a very pretty book to own.  Here’s what Kathy said about The Twenty Second Smile: My life is in transition and given the current political/world climate …

What Is the Twenty Second Smile?

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The Twenty Second Smile was published today.  Early readers find it fun, playful, and filled with wisdom. I included every idea, insight, tip, and Zen trick I could think of that has been helpful to me in my life and it’s what I have been teaching my clients over the last four decades.  They’ve been tested.   It has everything I know that works really well. The subtitle for the book is Plus 97 More Engagingly Playful Strategies to Help You Be Happy, Wild, and Free.  That’s it.  98 chapters, each exactly 50 words long.  Each has its own illustration.  The …

Learn To Reboot Your Painful Stories

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All your painful stories end in your being a bag lady and dying miserably – learn to reboot.   I have talked about this before in my books and with clients.  I’m talking about it again, ‘cause I need to reboot, again. Current events with this minority president trigger my painful stories.  Painful stories are the automatic tapes that play in your head and mine.  They’re painful because they always have you losing.  The aphorism… Never lose in your own imagination. …Is a good one.  Quit losing. This exactly 50 word chapter from my new book – The Twenty Second Smile …

Pain and Suffering –Difficult, Difficult, Difficult

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Clearly you can see, pain is guaranteed, but suffering being optional can be less clear. Layman Pang in the Zen Koan says when confronted by life, “Difficult, difficult, difficult.”  You and I have long lists of physical and emotional pains in our normal lives.  Worries and pains around family.  Pain of aging – ours and that of our loved ones.  Pains of day to day injuries, and perhaps an occasional surgery. Some of the pain that I experience comes from watching the craziness with our minority president.  His statements supporting white supremacy after the Charlottesville murder of Heather Heyer by …

Drinking a Bowl of Green I Stopped the War

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Most of my clients and my loved ones are suffering from Donald Trump’s predations, an internal war.  People find it hard not to get caught in the swirl of lies, unfairness, and  general meanness.  People have to scratch the itch asking: What’s happening?  What’s he done?  What have they done? “Freaking out” we used to call it. Quit it. Drinking a bowl of green tea, I stopped the war.  Paul Reps published this in his sweetly potent book, Zen Telegrams that he wrote it during the Vietnam War.  I read it in my 20s .  It changed my life.  And …

Meeting with Trail Angels

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“Are you looking for the marmots?” the trail angel asked.  What? “Why yes.”  How did she know?  Earlier, I had passed this woman doing yoga on the shore of Lake Chelan.  I had walked on a bit past her and looked with my binoculars for the marmots further down the shore, but saw none.  Know this… I love marmots and I had driven miles to see them in this location. As I turned back, she asked me the question.  She told me she had just been down there and had seen at least 20.  I was delighted.  I continued my …

Playful Tool for Mindful Reflection

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What would Pirate Girl say? Listening to the wild person inside of you can be a great place to make sense of your life.  You can play with writing an exactly-50-word story as a way to bring the words to your experiences. When you engage your playful side, you find the deeper wisdom that hides from your serious mind – the one you learned for school. To help open yourself, you can choose a pen name, or a Nom de Mischief, to write under, so you can be free of the judgment of others, even if they only live in …

Book Giveaway Bonanza

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Let’s try this.  I’ll give you the schedule of the upcoming book giveaways.  You go grab them, pass them on to friends, read them, live happily ever after, then write a glorious review.  OK. Drum roll… The Schedule: 5/6/17 Playful Stress Reducing Shortcuts: Fast Drug-Free Ways to Tickle Your Nervous System to Improve Your Happiness, Peace, and Vitality 5/13/17 The Eight Fundamental Secrets to Living Well: How to Live a Happy Life and Live Life to the Fullest       5/20/17 Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace …

Am I A Compulsive Overeater? No. Am I A Sugar Addict? Yep.

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I’m in week nine of not eating any sugar or it’s henchmen – flour.  Turns out I’m addicted to these processed foods.  In the last nine weeks, I haven’t overeaten.  I haven’t been hung-over from eating too much sugar.  I feel good – energized and clear. But the big one, I haven’t felt any shame from being out of control with food.  Not eating sugar or flour, means no craving and no out of control  brain chemistry. What got me started was the Bright Line Eating program.  The name comes from the idea of drawing a bright line around certain …

The Twenty Second Smile, Bet It Will Change You

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I excerpted this post from my upcoming book – The Twenty Second Smile & Other Playful Wisdom: 37 Exactly-50-Word Chapters & Illustrations to Delight You, to Inspire Your Journey, and to Remind You of What Works. Enjoy this title chapter.  I have written about this before in different ways.  Twenty seconds may challenge you.  I find it difficult.  : ) Here’re your guidelines: Smile for twenty seconds as often as you remember to do it.  I’m smiling right now because writing this reminds me.  Can you feel it?  More to the point, can I?  Consciously paying attention to anything for …

Quit Resisting Nasty Politicians – What You Resist Persists

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This aphorism has stood the test of time – What You Resist Persists We therapists usually think of this as something that plays out in our daily lives – like resisting traffic jams makes me grumpier than if I just go with it. Resisting the current US president or any authoritarian force in your life, ultimately doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work for lots of reasons.  First you stay in their narrative.  They make up the story.  They dictate where your mind and heart go, distracting you from what is most important to you. I don’t want you to just give …

Take the QUIZ: Are you addicted to food?

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I am a recovering food addict.  The addiction has caused endless problems.  Shame is at the top of the list. Susan’s solutions are working for me.  They might work for you and for others you love.  Pass all the information from Susan on to them if they seem open or ready, otherwise it can be shaming.  Be kind…   Back in 2013, Forbes revealed scientific research that showed Oreos were more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Yep, it may be easier to kick a cocaine addiction than it is to let go of those double-stuffed sugar-bombs. But it doesn’t stop …

Get Insight into Everything with Your Inner Sage – Book Giveaway

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In changing times, wouldn’t it be nice to have some deep guidance from a sage?  You’re in luck, you have an inner sage, and this book giveaway will help you to Find him/her/it, Bring it forth And deepen your connection to inner knowing. Our only job is to look inside and do the next right thing.  When you don’t know what that is or don’t feel you connecting to your inner sage, your deepest inner knowing, then an oracle can help. Starting the day after the inauguration, Jan 21st 2017, The Wizard’s Handbook: How to Get Answers and Make the …

Book Giveaway – Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace

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In honor of the season, I have a book giveaway for you. From Dec 10th to midnight PST on the 14th, 2016, you can get this book for free.  Yeee Ha! I am giving Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace.  This is my bestselling book and really does help you become more serene. The elections left us all a bit bruised and wrung out.  The holidays themselves can stress anyone. Ironically, the dark season of the year can be the time for quiet contemplation.  Try to use it …

Beautiful Gifts to Discover the Sacred

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Consider giving the print versions of these books at the holiday. Drawing the Sacred: Communing with the Sacred through Drawing – An Illustrated Journey   Paper Back Version       Kindle version Sketching, Poetry, and the Sacred Present Moment: A Magically Potent Way to Savor Your Life   Paper Back Version    Kindle version They’re pretty and fun.  More, these books can connect people to the Sacred.  What better for the holy days? One or both of these books may be a perfect fit for someone you love. Blessings of the season, William P.S. Watch for my gift to you in the next few days …

Taking Care of People

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Here’s a complete list of charities for you to consider in this season.  These aim at the areas that may fall on hard times with the new president. This list comes from a favorite writer of mine, Leonard Pitts. Planned Parenthood (plannedparenthood.org); The Center For Reproductive Rights (reproductiverights.org); the Natural Resources Defense Council (nrdc.org); the International Refugee Assistance Project (refugeerights.org), the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (naacpldf.org); the Trevor Project for LGBTQ youth (thetrevorproject.org) the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (maldef.org). I’d also add The Southern Poverty Law Center (https://www.splcenter.org/) and the American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org). Here’s the …

There but for the grace of god go I

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The election of Donald Trump has disturbed people clearly.  Some are delighted, of course.  My question for myself and for you is how can you find grace in this? (See recent post Another Effing Opportunity to Grow.) I want to stay sane.  I want to be kind.  If I allow my judgmental voices or my holier than thou inner beings, my holier than Trump voters voices to take over, I suffer.  Can you get that? My Quaker mother told me that there is that of Christ in everyone.  Even at age 8, I could absorb that notion.  It was self-evident.  …

Another Effing Opportunity to Grow

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The election the USA has just gone through provides you with another effing opportunity to grow. To start with, you get to study the grief cycle from the inside. So I notice, I spend time in DENIAL.  Shock, stunned, and numb are other ways to describe this state. ANGER – I find everything irritates me.  Blame is a subset of anger.  I blame all sorts of thing for the election results.  None of it needs to be based in fact, by the way.  I am upset disproportionately to the stimulus.  Sasha put the plastic spatula in the dishwasher – grrrr.  …

Comforting Thoughts and Ideas on What to Do Next

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This came to me this morning the morning after Trump’s victory.  I found it comforting and it helped me to reboot. Wayne Muller wrote it and he has been one of the inspiring voices in my heart for years. A Time for Planting (Written before learning the final results of the U.S. Presidential Election.) For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what has been planted; A time to kill, and a time to …

Winter Is Coming – Get a Neck Gator

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Every spring, I urge people to go outside and exercise.  As a holistic therapist, that’s my job.  Next, I tell them, even while spring explodes, October is coming.  Winter is coming.  Get your mind right, do not be lulled into lassitude by the lovely weather, prepare. The acupuncturists and my Taiji teacher have this aphorism – “Keep the vile and pernicious winds from your neck.” If I can keep my neck warm, I’m a happy guy.  I think I could go out in the cold rain in a tee shirt if my neck was warm. Welcome to the neck gaiter.  …

Walking Prayers — Art and Poetry Celebrates Women

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AMEN and Hallelujah for strong women. I’ve been wondering if I should or how I should respond to Mr. trump and all the men who have turned a blind eye or ear to his behavior for decades. This is it. A beloved and wise client sent me this. Be Happy, Wild, & Free, Dear One. I Love You William P.S. In this election cycle it would be obviously useful to pass this on.  

This Is O Rated for Older

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This will mean nothing to you if you haven’t reached a certain age.  O for Older people. A client asked me for some tips on surrendering in the middle of facing scary medical challenges.  I shared a very simple idea that has given me great comfort. Dear Athena, My favorite way to surrender at our age is to recall this instruction –       “Relax, you’re going to die.” I love this. Clearly, we’re going to die. We don’t know when, so we can relax. It will happen and it will happen the way it happens. We can’t get it wrong. …

Learn about Fear

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A friend wrote saying, “I’m  freaking out about not having enough money.  Lots of clients recently have experienced similar fears.  My response might be useful for you. Dear Friend, We all need to find a strategy or strategies to handle fear.  Your current freak out about money raises the point.  What I tell clients is that the minute you know you’re scared, notice that you’re freaking out, you’re 90% home free.  Until then, you’re just driven and possessed by it. The recent construction downstairs below my office put me into fight-flight that I’m still digging out of.  I’m not scared …

Mysterious Madam Ling

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After I named my studio, Suzanne felt she wanted to get in on a good thing.  (See post.)  Since I named by studio the Chuckling Ferret Studio, Suzanne played with words, swirled them around and Chuckling became a guy – Chuck Ling,  hence Chuck Ling Ferret Studio. And since she is married to my nom de studio self, she felt that necessarily she became Mrs. Ling.  Further word play led to Madam Ling, then to The Mysterious Madam Ling. Now, it needed a favorite critter, marmot won the prize. Finally, she has The Mysterious Madam Ling’s Marmot Studio. Play is …

Nature Rx

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Enjoy these two fun videos.  They’re tongue-in-cheek spoofs of the omnipresent pharmaceutical ads on TV. Spoofs they are, but they advertise a real benefit that research incontrovertibly supports.  That’s cool but more importantly – your common sense will recognize the truth. Fact: Nature heals you.  Just like medicine, only  better. : ) My New Book in Progress I’m writing a book with the working title – Finding Home – How the Love of Place Restores You.  I’ll tell you more about this cool book in later posts. Note the on-screen text that zips by in these videos for more humor. …

Get Good Answers, Fast – Read Books for Children

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I’m working on my new book titled – I Know I’m Crazy.  Naturally, I will show ways for you to not be crazy and how to be enlightened, at least for moments. I have observed that people make up painful stories that hold little truth.  Even though the stories aren’t true, their bodies and minds and behavior all respond as if the stories were fact. Quick examples of painful stories – “I can’t do anything right.” “I’m such a failure.” “Nobody will ever love me.” “I have such ugly darkness in me.” Yikes. Worry My craziness often takes the form …

The Kindness of Wayne Muller

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As you may have read, I like Wayne Muller. One of my beloved clients found this podcast.  I think you’ll like this from Wayne Muller. => Podcast Enjoy these videos – they’re wonderful and short.  I recommend regular viewing to reboot your soul.   On Enough On the 23rd Psalm On Being A Care Giver On Becoming Spacious On the Sabbath – Probably not what you think. Walk in beauty, William

This is the real thing…

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Brother David Steindl-Rast narrates this short video.  This is the real thing.  He will guide you into how to live a life you love more fully. The film shows a simple daily practice that will help you to live happily ever after.  Listen to his voice…  Does he sound happy?  Yes. Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer: An Approach to Life in Fullness will help you, too. Walk in beauty, William  

How The Karate Kid Ruined The Modern World

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One of my beloved, teachers showed me this article –  How The Karate Kid Ruined The Modern World.  I recommend that you read David Wong’s article all the way through.    Here’s why…  You’ve been sold a bill of goods.  A lie.  This lie leads to shame in a big way.  And it can ruin your life.  You know what I’m talking about; the main character is very bad at something, then there is a sequence in the middle of the film set to upbeat music that shows him practicing. When it’s done, he’s an expert. All of it comes …

The Art of Life

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The Art of Life?  Well, you can use this brilliantly for most of life anyhow.  I just heard this and it reminded me of this principle:  The art of meditation is beginning again.  When you meditate, you will be distracted.  Guaranteed.  Your mind will wander.  You might be caught in a worry cycle.  You might think of the best way to accomplish your to do list.  Somehow and some way, you’ll be pulled away.  You won’t even know it.  You’ll be just stumbling, racing, falling along a thought train, watching some movie, attending to some internal story.    Now Here …

How to Thrive and Be Enough

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When I start to give the same recommendations to numerous clients, I realize I need to send you the information, too.  These goodies will help you to live a life you love wholeheartedly — body and soul.  Really, they’re golden.  You’ll love Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way by Dan Buettner, a bestselling author for the National Geographic.  He distills years of research on happiness into something you can consume easily.    He reveals the secrets to happiness by looking at happy people from all over the world.  We’re drilling down into the essence of what makes humans happy.  And …

Drink Coffee – Talk to God

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Drink coffee.  Talk to God.  Tend your own garden.  Live a good life.  Serve.  I recommend you try this simple practice my friend and fellow member of yours, Brian Steiner shared with me.   Every solstice and equinox, Brian and I talk a walk, share nature, and talk.  This season, he told me about his morning coffee and affirmation practice.  Here’s what Brian says –  My coffee and affirmation practice has become very important to me.  I do it in the mornings.  I grab a cup of coffee (organic French Roast in my case), and sit in my rear yard.  I have my …

It Might Get Loud

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The electric guitar.  Loud.  A documentary.  Yuck.  Well, no.    This must have been an immense challenge to create something worth watching about the electric guitar and rock and roll that could engage you, move you, and inspire you.  I have seen and heard this film twice now.  It moves me to tears.  Makes me chuckle.  And I take note.  Today, I recommend you get it and do the same.  Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore, directs this visually beautiful film.    Here’s how they solved the problem.  They got three guitarists from three different …

Labyrinth Walking: Connecting to the Sacred

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When I’m on Sabbatical, I spend most of my time connecting to the sacred. I’m on sabbatical now and I walked one of my favorite labyrinths on Tuesday morning in an uncharacteristic for Eastern Washington rain. In the dark predawn.

Mountain Hunger

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Feed your soul. Feed your heart.

Do You Have the Patience?

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My 30 year old daughter, Sasha, wants to go to WashingtonStateUniversity and devour zoology.  Cool! She has been living on the edge for a couple of years with her work at the University  of Washington.  She manages the finances of around 30 revolving grants research grants there.  The group has been at risk of losing its funding for the last two years.  They keep warning her the grant money and hence her job may run out in two months.  This has gone on for a couple of years. A stressful life of uncertainty. Recently, she was told again that the …

Stress Perception

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This internet circular comes from one of my wonderful research staff, a fellow member.    A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading and explaining stress management to an audience. She raised a glass of water, and everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, ‘half empty or half full?’ She fooled them all. “How heavy is this glass of water”, she inquired with a smile? Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.. She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. “If I hold it for …