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Color the Sky Yellow by Seattle Life Coach William WittmannSome of my books help you by using the methods of mindfulness.

Mindfulness stops the nearly incessant mind chatter and lets you be in the present moment where you can experience your life as it truly is – the Kingdom of heaven

You become happy.  Really.

I use art as a medium to help you connect to the Sacred.  I stress that you don’t have to be good at art in order to gain the nearly miraculous benefits of living in the present moment and falling in love with everything you survey.

Peggy describes Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child thusly –

“The Zen of making art or art as meditation. Using the medium of art as a gateway to joy, to fun, to experiencing the Sacred by being in the Present. William’s guidance for artists or non-artists alike is delightful, practical, and ‘colorful.’ He makes me want to get a supply of colorful pencils, go out into nature, and capture its beauty through my own sacred lens. Love this book!”

This notion fits for all my books, and especially for the ones on this page.

Altar Making: An Active Meditation for Healing Your Heart and for Deepening Spiritual Meaning in Your Life

Color the Sky Yellow: Creative Magic, Playful Art for Your Inner Child

Drawing the Sacred: Communing with the Sacred through Drawing – An Illustrated Journey   Paper Back Version       Kindle version

Sketching, Poetry, and the Sacred Present Moment: A Magically Potent Way To Savor Your Life   Paper Back Version    Kindle version


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