Journey Work. Is This the Time?

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Dear One

On my walk along the shoreline of Elliot Bay this morning, I paced a tribe of otters.   I’ve been doing this for days now.  Obviously, it delights my inner children and it connects me to Oneness.

But here’s the thought – the otters have their tribe, but who helps you on your journey.  And who helps your loved ones?

I find that many of my clients find these times trying, and they feel supported by having me walk with them on their journey.

This time calls for each of us to live from our deepest authentic self.  We’re in a big transition where we can no longer just do as we’re told, but need to find from deep inside, what we’re called to do.

We need to drop societal expectations and follow our inner compass.  Bizarrely, that’s what will be best for the individual, their family, and the whole world.

Who do you know who would appreciate some help now?  Who do you know who would like to bring forth their authentic self and navigate the world from that self, knowing they will be supported in what they do.

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith

I’ve said this to many clients, “You can listen to your inner guidance and when you follow it, it will work out.  It may scare you spitless, and you will have to take a leap of faith each time.  Exciting, yes?”

Consider sending people to me.   Remember, I can use the phone to journey with people most anywhere.

People can text me, call me or email me if they want to learn more.

Or you can direct them to my Journey Work page.

Or my website –

Or my On the Journey blog.

You can recognize a Compass v. Culture moment when something you’re “supposed” to do feels like trying to French-kiss a wolverine, and something that “makes no sense” feels incredibly seductive. – Martha Beck  


May you be happy, wild, and free,


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