Happy Solstice

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Happy Solstice, Dear One. May you be blessed by the light and may you bless with your light. Be happy, wild, and free, William

Journey Work. Is This the Time?

Posted On Jul 12 2017 by

Dear One On my walk along the shoreline of Elliot Bay this morning, I paced a tribe of otters.   I’ve been doing this for days now.  Obviously, it delights my inner children and it connects me to Oneness. But here’s the thought – the otters have their tribe, but who helps you on your journey.  And who helps your loved ones? I find that many of my clients find these times trying, and they feel supported by having me walk with them on their journey. This time calls for each of us to live from our deepest authentic self.  We’re …

Comforting Thoughts and Ideas on What to Do Next

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This came to me this morning the morning after Trump’s victory.  I found it comforting and it helped me to reboot. Wayne Muller wrote it and he has been one of the inspiring voices in my heart for years. A Time for Planting (Written before learning the final results of the U.S. Presidential Election.) For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what has been planted; A time to kill, and a time to …

“Who Loves Nature?”

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On the first day of the wildlife ecology class, the professor always asks her students, “Who loves nature?  Raise your hand.” Predictably, every hand goes up. She continues, “OK.  Now raise your hand if you think Nature loves you.” Not a hand goes up.  “Then, we have a problem.” She concludes. If you don’t think, the love and caring is reciprocal, then what’s the point.  Or if you don’t think Nature is conscious, then you can’t be in relationship.  Life is relationships. If you remain in shame over human’s treatment of nature and feel unworthy to be loved, what hope …

Getting Serene, a Story

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My friend Dr. Alexandra Gayak of the Science of Being Well website wrote this lovely story about getting Simply Serene.  Read on – Yesterday I was having a rare bad day. Really bad. But I had promised my dear friend William to let you know about his book give-away. That meant I promised myself to re-read the book I remembered loving when he first wrote it three years ago, and write a fresh review.  To my intelligent side, this would be an obvious solution to the state I’d gotten myself into.  To my emotional side, there was no way it …

Announcing 17 Second Newsletters

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Here’s the idea: Simplify the newsletter. Let the Wizard’s Oracle choose a spot of wisdom for you that you can read and shift your awareness in 17 seconds. Cool. Simple. Easy. From time to time, I’ll add a BRIEF commentary. 2-3 sentences. And from time to time, like today you’ll see a note announcing a posting to Body & Soul Mentoring blog. Sometimes it will be an article with practical tips that will help you live your life. Sometimes it will be a podcast. Sometimes it will be a chapter from a new book of mine. Sometimes it will announce …

Road Trip to Gather Deep Wealth

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This May, the sage along Ancient Lakes trail whispered to me from hours away, the Columbia sang deeply to me, and the rolling green hills of the Palouse hummed my name.  Rivers called to me for our pilgrimage into Eastern Washington.  Pilgrimage helps you to gather the Deep Wealth that feeds your soul and heals you heart.  It’s like the lovely poetry of the 23rd Psalm.  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.    Listen  Pilgrimage is all about your soul being called to a Sacred place.  …

Feel Good Times Two

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Here’s an opportunity to feel twice as good. Our daughter, Sasha, is starting college soon. Background Sasha followed her passion for animals by first working with and healing horses and dogs, then moving on to people.  Now, her next step leads her to college, majoring in zoology.  Who can say where this will lead? That’s the background. Feel Good To feel good, schedule a session for bodywork with Sasha.  She is one of the most skilled, intuitive healers I know.  Even if she is our daughter, it’s still true. She will help you feel good. Now, the part where you …

Why This Poem?

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My co-author, Char Sundust, performed a lovely wedding last week.  Each of the 170 attendees received a little beautiful scroll tied with a ribbon.  And Char says, “I took one and opened it.  Inside was your wonderful Love Poem For Mature Hearts.  My heart was so moved…” Love Poem for Mature Heart Love is foolish. Certain loss waits for you. So what!? Throw yourself away, And love. Why would someone choose this poem?  Would you? Why would I write this for a couple in their 50s getting married?  How is this a blessing? Can you perceive why I designated “for …

Announcing God, Death, and Poetry

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There is a wisdom in the words that poets speak – the truth. This book teaches us how to access that truth.

For Internet Marketers Only — Just Beat Google’s “Pants-Off” [VID]

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This post truly is just for people interested in internet marketing.  If that not you, then delete this and go on with your day. My friend Ryan just uncovered a source of FREE web traffic bigger than Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook (drumroll)….. COMBINED! — Seriously! This changes everything, this is easily the biggest IM breakthrough of 2011. He just made a FREE video that spills the beans. Go watch it NOW! Click Here => http://tinyurl.com/45o6zd2  HINT: This is why GIANTS like Forbes, Agora and Boardroom couldn’t care less about Google Facebook, Bing or ANY website for traffic. Are you a …

better and better energetics

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This will make you healthier, for sure, but it will deepen your connection to the plant kingdom and LIFE. It will connect you to the living energy field of all life, if you prefer.

Picture This — A Cosmic Meditation

Posted On Oct 6 2010 by

Picture this – a three year old running, jumping, swinging with endless energy and curiosity – mindless, un-self-conscious, pure Tao expressing, river flowing where it will.

Podcast Reveals Surprising Secrets

Posted On Sep 23 2010 by

You can hear about your brain coiling and uncoiling… your skull moving like it was breathing… discover the magic of CranialSacral Therapy

What Is Journey Work?

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Your journey is a commitment to awaken. A commitment to living a life you wholeheartedly love — body and soul.

Advice from the Voice of Reason

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Lisa Cooper has a strong sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from the scary stuff.   A recent article — Friends, Cancer and Laughing Your Ass Off starts:  One of my best friends died of colon cancer 3 years ago. Two of my friends have had mastectomies this summer. These aren’t women in their golden years, but young, vibrant beauties in their 30’s and early 40’s. See… Further on she offers five simple ways to help.  Then she does this cool thing where you can read expanded information for the five tips.   Lisa’s advice is good.  She’s a smart insightful …

A Nine Year Old Makes Me Laugh

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Rule 14 — Eat foods made from ingredients that you can picture in their raw sate or growing in nature. Immediately she says, “Like crickets…” Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual I recommend Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan, not just because it may make you laugh, but because it cuts through all the commercial claptrap on what to eat and how.  He has 64 rules with very simple explanations.  Most rules, chapters, are only one page.  It will leave you with simple memorable ideas that will serve you well when you’re at the store or the restaurant.  It …

Pleasure or Enjoyment?

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Pleasure or Enjoyment?  Tough choice, eh?  It won’t be after I tell you the distinction.  One can kill you.  And you can build your life on the other one.  Here’s the distinction — pleasure is passive.  Pleasure seeking can kill you.  Pause and think how many examples you can think of in two minutes.  It ruins lives and families every day.  While enjoyment on the other hand, is gained through deliberate pursuit of challenging and deeply satisfying activities that combine challenge, skill development, clear goals and require total immersion in the present.   Did you see that last bit?  TOTAL IMMERSION …

He Follows His Calling

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My friend, Mark Glyde, is doing what you may wish you were doing.  He’s listening to his inner voice, his calling, and following it.  Mark quit his impressive job in a powerful firm and is setting off across Western Canada on the pilgrimage route his artist grandfather took many decades ago.  Naturally, I recommend you follow your calling.  Don’t imitate Mark or anyone else. But use them as inspiring role models to help you to allow yourself to listen to your inner voice and to follow your callings. Be Inspired by Mark’s Story…  Greetings Friends, Family and Colleagues,  I’d like …

Where’s the Deep Wealth Magic Now?

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I came into work today and it’s cold and gray in the middle of June.  It’s still cold and gray.  Grumble…  Here’s my tweet for this day —  Cold & gray mid-June.  Still.  Where’s the Deep Wealth magic now?  It’s here.  Do you see?  Gathering Deep Wealth http://bit.ly/arwJE7  You may know that I gather Deep Wealth every morning – first thing – and I recommend you do too, obviously.  This practice forms the core of your Get Wealthy First Program. My experience this morning reminded me that you’ll face bumps in your path.  What to do?  How Do You Gather …

The Weird Case #41 of Buddhas on My Table

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Athena, a beloved patient, told me when her husband leaves town, at least one machine in their home or office will fail.  “Why?” I said.  “Because he’s a machine whisperer,” she said.  “They miss him.” “Hmmm.”  You no doubt have heard of horse whisperers, and perhaps dog whisperers, people who have a special way with these creatures.  But machines? Naturally.  Aren’t they alive, too?  Her husband, Hermes, just reaches in and touches here and here… and then it would work. I’m a bit of a machine whisperer.  I have done the same thing with cars over the years – wiggled …

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A member writes that she is a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff on the internet she has to choose from. I know you have the same pulls on your time and attention that she does. Where should you and she spend your time?    Obviously, I teach people how to discern.   Here’s what I do and what I recommend to members and patients:   One) Recognize you can’t do it all or have it all. This is why you must learn to discern.    Two) When I turned 50, I realized there were more things that I wanted to …

Did speed skating Olympian, Apolo Ohno, use my program to train?

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Did speed skating Olympian, Apolo  Ohno, use my Get Wealthy First Program to train? After all, he just lives 20 minutes down the road from me.  It would have been possible.  In this wonderful, six minute, behind the scenes video of his training, the charismatic Apolo talks about many of the things I share with you in your newsletters.  His conversation on presence is wonderful…  And how to BURN FAT…  Watch the video and his training.  Let him inspire you.  >> http://tinyurl.com/ylqhqkm << Blessings, William

Zen Priest Give Away

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In case you missed it, Genjo said, “Give your programs away, William.”  So, I decided to offer everything.  EVERYTHING for a buck — $1 US.  You want to Beat the Flu with the Be Well Get Well Stay Well Program? You can get it for $1.  You want my $97 Get Wealthy First Program, you can get it for $1.  Every article, every program, every Life Giving Manual, every Laser Focused Report, every podcast, every video — EVERYTHING – you can get them all for $1.  So, what’s the catch?  You can only get these effective, marvelously helpful treasures when …

Magical Experience — Feel It For Yourself

Posted On Feb 2 2010 by

When you perform this easy and revealing experiment, you can look directly into the eyes of your nervous system… it’s so cool.

So This Zen Guy Says

Posted On Jan 27 2010 by

 So, this Zen priest, no, better, the abbot of the Zen temple says to me, “William, why don’t you give your Beat the Flu program away?” (The Be Well Get Well Stay Well Program.)  “Genjo,” I whined, “I put tons of hours into that program.  It’s precious stuff, hard won knowledge… stuff I learned – no kidding – over 40 years of working with natural healing and helping people”  He smiled. I grumbled. OK. I decided to do him one better…  My joy is in writing and producing Life Giving Manuals and programs that help people live a life they …

Go See Avatar, in 3D

Posted On Jan 6 2010 by

A love story grows under impossible odds, good guys, greedy exploiters, and genocidal bad guys, battle.  Filled with archetypes and beautiful to look at, I recommend you see the film — Avatar. And see it in the 3D or Imax 3D if it comes to your city. It’s a  technical wonder and deepens your immersion in this wondrous world. James Cameron writer and director of Aliens, Terminator,  Terminator 2, The Abyss, and Titanic gives us his best film ever.  First, here are the three definitions of avatar.   an incarnation of a Hindu deity in human or animal form, especially one …

Magically Improved Water

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Here’s a seasonal tip for you – a way to improve your water so you can drink more and remove any stagnation so you can stay healthy.  Cool! Naturally, it’s part of the Get Well Be Well, Stay Well Program.  You can find out more here => http://BodyAndSoulMentor.net/BeWell This comes from Kathy Rossol who contributes to the Open Doorway Reading Room section of the site. My naturopathic doctor recommended an alternative drink to plain water, especially good when you’re fighting a cold or other respiratory bug. Cut a couple of lemon slices and throw into a mug. Roughly chop or …

Heads UP – Wildcraft Special

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My colleague John Gallaher has cut the price of his magical family board came – Wildcraft – by 50% for three days. December 1-3. It is a great gift for your family. Go for it => http://tinyurl.com/yajfkqy You want your kids to enjoy nature, right. The evidence shows this really helps. Why do I like it? It gets folks looking with magical eyes when they are outdoors. When that happens, the learn to live in the present moment. And that’s what I want for everyone, including you. Go for it => http://tinyurl.com/yajfkqy Blessings, William P.S. You can join my Facebook …

Beat the Flu

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Announcing the Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well Program – Beat the Flu and Vanquish Colds

Laugh Out Loud Books Touch Your Soul

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  While on our road trip to the Monterey Peninsula gathering deep wealth, we listened to two books on tape — Blessed are the Cheesemakers (our second time through this one) and Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie.  Each has the remarkable quality of being laugh out loud humorous and has the ability to touch your soul deeply.   Kathy Rossol of Open Doorways Reading Room introduced me to each so I asked her to write a review.  Open Doorways Reading Room is an afterschool, community-based program in SE King County, WA,  where young people can listen to good reads and explore …

Why You Should Care about Harbingers

Posted On Oct 3 2009 by

What harbingers do you have that announce the season that is arriving? What lets you know the last season is ending? Why should you care? Because when you pay attention to the seasons, you can live a richer and happier life. It’s that simple. And when you do that, you have Deep Wealth. And when you have Deep Wealth, you Smile, it’s good. This Season “You can gain Deep Wealth by attending to the seasonal changes,” – William Each season has it’s markers. Events mark the end of the last season and the beginning of the new. Attend to them …

Easy Relaxation Tip

Posted On Sep 20 2009 by

In order to gain mutant flexibility in my hips, I have been studying my guru, Pavel Tsatsouline’s masterpiece – Relax into Stretch – Instant Flexibility through Mastering Muscle Tension. If you want to FEEL great, I recommend it highly. Being flexible and resilient is one of the shortest paths to feeling great. Anyone can achieve this with Pavel’s simple methods. I showed one patient the souped-up toe touch from the book. She was a good foot away from her toes to start (30 cm). Within minutes, she touched the floor. Cool, eh. Not so incidentally, employing his methods brings you …

Announcing – How to Surf the Seasons

Posted On Sep 20 2009 by

“You can gain Deep Wealth by attending to the seasonal changes,” I say.  “All disease is seasonal affect disorder,” Dr. Mark Filippi says.  When you tune into listen to us, Mark Filippi and I, talk, you’ll learn how to prevent the usual sicknesses that plague folks and you’ll learn how to gain Deep Wealth at the same time.  (Obviously, being healthy is one of the forms of Deep Wealth.)  We’re going to meet in three 30 minute teleclasses.  Starting Friday, September 18th 9:00 AM EDT.  You can get details and sign up here =>  http://www.somaspace.org/morningwoo.html     What If I …

Perception and Deep Wealth

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Here’s a poignant Get Wealthy First story, I don’t know who wrote it.   First, the launch for the Get Wealthy First Program ends Saturday, August 8, 6:00 PM PDT (GMT -7:00)   You can find out all you need in order to decide whether you want to buy the Get Wealthy First Program or not here –   Go for it => http://tinyurl.com/ns9l8w   Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning. A man with a violin plays six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx. 2 thousand people passed through the station, most of …

Final Notice for Get Wealthy First Program

Posted On Aug 5 2009 by

  OK, I’ve hammered out a new merchant account.   If you tried to purchase the program and were frustrated by the software – Sorry.  It’s fixed and tested.   You can find out all you need in order to decide whether you want to buy the Get Wealthy First Program or not here –   Go for it => http://tinyurl.com/ns9l8w     I Gathered Deep Wealth… I had to…   I did a lot of Deep Wealth gathering to stay mellow with this merchant account mess up.  Ospreys and Eagles are keeping me sane daily.  Wading in tide pools …

She Asked Challenging Questions

Posted On Aug 4 2009 by

A long time reader and patient asked a challenging question, “I already meditate and do yoga in the morning.  How much time will the Get Wealthy First Program take?    “And how much time does the membership take.”   And here are two cool things she said, “I know it’s never about the time or the money, but I don’t want to set myself up to fail.”   Cool, eh?   Here’s what I said about the time it takes…   You and I know that everyone reading this newsletter already has a full schedule and has plenty of money …

How to Hear Your Calling

Posted On Jul 30 2009 by

  Most people have forgotten that vocation comes from a Latin word meaning – calling.  To them, their vocation is their job.  To me, Deep Wealth must include doing work you’re called to do.  Work that takes your unique gifts and native genius and applies them fruitfully and delightfully – with just the right amount of challenge.  Work that cares for your body and soul.   Of the many benefits to the Get Wealthy First Program, perhaps the most useful, is that the whole second part of the Get Wealthy First Program Manual helps you to hear your true calling.  …

Role Models for Deep Wealth

Posted On Jul 28 2009 by

  I have a couple of role models that inspire me. They are my ideal in Deep Wealth.  See how they inspire you.       First is this Zen master.  Dig the poem that goes with it.   I’ll translate the lovely calligraphy —   His life is not poor He has riches beyond measure Pointing at the moon, gazing at the moon This old guest follows the way.   The other role model is Winnie the Pooh – the cartoon below – Wasted and Useful Lives summarizes the magic.         Have You Watched This Yet? …

But I don’t want a membership…

Posted On Jul 27 2009 by

When you think about getting the Get Wealthy First Program, do you find yourself saying, “But I don’t want a membership… I really just want the stuff.”   Not a problem.  You can get the program now with the membership, and try the membership.  Put it to the Test.  You might surprise your self and find that you are delighted to continue.  If you’re not delighted, just cancel within 30 days, you won’t be charged.   Oh, you do know, don’t you, that members get ALL my Laser Focused Reports, Programs, and Life Giving Manuals included in the membership?   …

Why Launch in the Middle of Summer?

Posted On Jul 26 2009 by

All the business gurus will tell you, summer is the worst time to get peoples attention for a launch of this sort.   So, why did I launch it now anyhow?    Because IT IS SUMMER.    Summer is the BEST TIME to practice the Get Wealthy First secrets.  If you start in the easy times of summer, then you will create positive habits that will let you roll into the rest of the year with a great head of steam.    (My apologies you southern hemisphere folks, but you have great weather all the time anyhow, so no problem, …

Dr. Bob Tells a Story

Posted On Jul 23 2009 by

    Launch Morning – After handling a hefty pile of last minute tasks, I was done, ready to launch.    I hit the activate button and launched The Get Wealthy First Program.  The angels sang.  I felt accomplished.   This has been a seven-month undertaking for me.  It started with a single video and built.   As I was getting dressed to head to my office to see my beloved patients, my colleague, Morris’s, voice telling me the Dr. Bob story gently whispered.  Ah…   Before I tell it to you, let me say that one of my hungry …

Yippee It’s Launched

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        Yippee! It’s Launched!   Finally, you can go get the Get Wealthy First Program now and start enjoying Deep Wealth in minutes.  No kidding.   Here’s where you go.   Go for it  => http://tinyurl.com/ns9l8w     I’m so curious to see who the first ten people are that are going to get the signed version of Wasted and Useful Lives.  Winnie the Pooh meets Zen.   Again, you can get the details for the Get Wealthy First Program and discover some cool surprises that will delight you   Here => http://tinyurl.com/ns9l8w   May you live …

The launch is coming fast =>

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  The launch is coming fast => Tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM PDT (GMT -7:00).   Here’s where you go to get your program. Right around 6:00, I’ll activate the page.   => http://tinyurl.com/ns9l8w     Sneak Peek of Download Page   Here’s what the download page will look like.  It will show you what you will really get when you purchase The Get Wealthy First Program.    Take a peep => http://GetWealthyFirst.com/elephant.html    You already know how you’ll benefit from these things, right?    If you don’t know how you’ll benefit, you can read this page very closely after …

A challenging inquiry about the Get Wealthy First Program from a reader…

Posted On Jul 20 2009 by

  Here’s a  challenging inquiry about the Get Wealthy First Program from a reader –   Greetings William,   On the Get Wealthy First video page, you ask for the biggest question or problem we’d like addressed in the GWF Program.  Mine concerns the immediate ‘push-back’ I get from the wounded, no-longer-innocent part of me that says “Yeah, OK, that’s nice and you’re feeling wondrous and wealthy now, but you know you’re going to experience pain again and again in the future.  So best not to go off into fantasy-world.”  I can therefore never let myself feel completely the appreciation …

Announcing the Launch of Get Wealthy First

Posted On Jul 18 2009 by

Dear One,   Finally, you can get The Get Wealthy First Program — Almost.   On July 23, 2009 at 6:00 AM Seattle Time (PDT – GMT -7:00), you can get the Get Wealthy First Program.   Stop & Note: I will offer the program at a clearly astonishing introductory price, but this offer will end on July 30th, at 6:00 PM PDT (GMT -7:00). Or as soon as 300 people have purchased the program, whichever comes first.     “Get wealthy first and the money and free time will follow.  Do you notice, as I do, that whenever you …

John Gallagher Rocks

Posted On Jul 15 2009 by

John Gallagher rocks.  I keep reflecting on the audio John and I recorded for you and the Get Wealthy First Program.   As we talked about the Tom Petty documentary, John says some amazing things that you can use right now to improve your life.    http://tinyurl.com/pk9sok   John values the powerfully insightful film, The Secret, but notes that the Tom Petty documentary illustrates a piece of the Law of Attraction that the film glosses over.  Listen to what John says so that you can apply the Law of Attraction more powerfully in your life.   http://tinyurl.com/pk9sok   I added …

What Does Rocker, Tom Petty, Have to Contribute to Your Deep Wealth?

Posted On Jul 8 2009 by

Dear One,   What doest the legendary rock musician, Tom Petty, demonstrate that can lead you to fulfilling your dreams?   http://GetWealthyFirst.com/tompetty.html   In a short audio, the alert and ever-astute John Gallagher and I reveal the secrets hidden in the documentary.   What secrets do we reveal that the movie, The Secret, only touched on?   http://GetWealthyFirst.com/tompetty.html     What Petty reveals is quite remarkable.  You don’t want to miss it.   http://GetWealthyFirst.com/tompetty.html   You can get it now at no cost now.   Go for it => http://GetWealthyFirst.com/tompetty.html   Blessings,   William   P.S.  Pass this on to …

Road Trip to Deep Wealth

Posted On May 13 2009 by

  Suzanne, Sasha, and I are traveling to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and the Grand Canyon.  On this Road Trip to Deep Wealth the goal is to find wealth every day whilst being on the road.  I’ll report daily as internet access allows. Coming soon — PDF of the whole trip — stay tuned.  Watch the seminal video => http://GetWealthyFirst.com Blessings, William

Surprisingly, Internet Lists Offers Insights into Get Wealthy First

Posted On May 8 2009 by

Surprisingly, Internet Lists Offers Insights into Get Wealthy First     Perhaps you have seen this email that has been cycling through cyberspace for a while, but it came back through yesterday sent by my brother.   See if you can discern how it fits with the Get Wealthy First Program?  (http://GetWealthyFirst.com)     Just a few questions:   You don’t have to actually answer the questions… Just read the e-mail. You’ll get the point.   1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.   2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.   3. Name the last five …

Isn’t This Beautiful?

Posted On May 5 2009 by

The Get Wealthy First Program I’m crafting for you is about living in the present and discovering deep wealth, right.    Here’s the painting by Kate Cutler I chose to be on the covers of the manuals and such.        Isn’t This Beautiful?   * * *   Kate wrote this lovely note to me & she gave me permission to share it with you.  She demonstrates the whole point of The Get Wealthy First Program beautifully —   Going into your site today, I was fascinated. No, I had no idea that you were “art related” as …

More Cool Book Reviews from Kathy

Posted On Mar 25 2009 by

I have just posted More Cool Book Reviews from Kathy Rossol in the Open Doorways Reading Room.    Hoo! Ha!   This section is available to members and non-members.  You can find Open Doorways Reading Room in the left side bar in the Fascinating Story Section.   => http://BodyAndSoulMentor.com   Enjoy,   William   P.S. Reading these books is one of the easiest and best ways to gain Deep Wealth.  They give you the whole world, right?  http://GetWealthyFirst.com   P.P.S. Let your friends in on these goodies.  

Sanctification of Landscape

Posted On Mar 18 2009 by

Have you noticed that being on some landscapes feels good?  I have just returned from a sabbatical in Santa Barbara, CA.  My mom trained me to appreciate parks, so for me, travel mainly includes spending time in parks.  On this trip, I spent time in two of my favorites Trust for Public Land (http://tpl.org)  projects – Carpinteria Bluffs and Ellwood Mesa with its Butterfly Preserve.   These two places are basically bluff top meadows overlooking the Pacific. What’s not to like?  But these places are special.  Adjacent properties don’t have the same warm embracing energy, the juju isn’t as good.  …

I’ve got Joe Vitale

Posted On Mar 4 2009 by

I just lifted 8000# of kettlebell in 15 minutes.  Mr. Fire, Joe Vitale, and I have agreed to record a powerful Get Wealthy First conversation just for you.  Which has my heart beating faster?   If you’ve been reading my work for a while, surely, you’ve heard me speak of Joe.  As my friend, John said, “He’s the dude from the vastly popular film about the Law of Attraction – The Secret.”   We’re going to discuss the Great Recession, your prodigious possibilities for DEEP WEALTH, and your infinite creative genius.  This will be so cool!   Hey! While I …

If You Have Been Following My Tweets

Posted On Feb 25 2009 by

If you have been following my Tweets, you have seen that I have left the Zombies and am talking about the Get Wealthy First Program. I’ll get back to my tweets in a second but first… Here’s the Premise of The Get Wealthy Program– 1. Wealth is what you have leftover beyond your money. The harsher version – wealth is what you have without your money. 2. By building on this DEEP WEALTH, you can create the time and money you want for living. 3. The Get Wealthy First Program shows you how you can • Easily gather DEEP WEALTH …

Revealing Podcast Interview

Posted On Feb 10 2009 by

You Can Get this Interview Now In this 28-minute interview with Dr. Mark Filippi, I reveal some secrets about myself and my practice that I’ve never spoken about publically. Hear the huge life giving secret my mother passed on to me when I was eight years old. You’ll be able to use it in your own life, and this secret will tell you much about how I will work with you. Listen here => http://tinyurl.com/cbkheq Blessings, William P.S. Obviously, if you’re in the Seattle area you can schedule an appointment with me. If you live anywhere else you may schedule …

Announcing: An Amusing Groundhog’s Day Special Proposition

Posted On Feb 1 2009 by

Here’s a fun way for you to bust through limitations, expand your mind and heart, and playfully engage in life enhancing explorations that help you to live a life you wholeheartedly love – Body & Soul Mentor. It’s a multidimensional, multimedia, interactive exploration for members only. “It’s like an exclusive “how to” manual, inspiring movie, stimulating radio show, and village meeting, all rolled into one. Every season I introduce a new theme that helps people have a life they wholeheartedly love – body and soul.” For three days, you can save 20% off the regular monthly membership fee of $24.97. …

Tip: How to get more of what you want

Posted On Jan 26 2009 by

A quickie today. Internet and general marketing genius asked me, “What’s your number one tip for increasing sales?” You could translate that to, “What’s your number one tip to get more money?” Before I tell you what I told Mark For Blog Version with the ability to social bookmark and comment go here => http://tinyurl.com/8e2zy5 + + + ANNOUNCING You have a new and wondrously engaging multidimensional, multimedia, life enhancing way to play at Body & Soul Mentor now. Every season I introduce a new goodie at Body & Soul Mentor website that you will love exploring – SEASONAL EXPLORATIONS. …

Do You Want to Be a Zombie

Posted On Jan 20 2009 by

This 50-Word story came to me as a clear vision. It makes me smile. Do You Want To Be a Zombie? “You have to ask yourself – Do you want to be a zombie? Well, do you?” Clint asked. “Well, no!” I say. “Then look at the beauty right here in front of you. Right now! Let this dark green, frosty- white, goose poop lying on the brilliant green grass awaken you.” I have been suggesting you write these hummers for awhile. I still recommend it to keep your story telling muscles limber. But Now a New Challenge — Twitter.com …