Happy Solstice

Posted On Dec 21 2017 by

Happy Solstice, Dear One. May you be blessed by the light and may you bless with your light. Be happy, wild, and free, William

Celtic Seasons

Posted On Jul 28 2016 by

A better way to imagine the seasons can deepen your connection to home. In the USA, we mark the beginning of the seasons with the equinoxes and the solstices.  The Celts looked with a different eye.  They looked at light. The equinoxes of March 21st and September 21st mark the time when the days and the nights are of equal length.  And the solstices mark the longest day of the year in summer or the longest night of the year in winter. Find the halfway point between these events and you find the true beginning of the seasons.  August 1st …

Happy Solstice – Book Giveaway

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Happy Solstice – Book Giveaway  A dear friend heads into heart surgery this morning, another friend’s adult daughter died leaving behind a husband and two kids, I successfully passed through my hip surgery and recovery unfolds well.  So what?  Prayer will transform all three situations.  And building an altar or a shrine puts muscle, creativity, and heart into your prayer as you put your mind and hands to work.  Saturday, December 21st is winter solstice when we welcome the return of the sun.  This celestial event lends itself to building a shrine for the coming light and the coming year.  …