Book Giveaway – Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace

Posted On Dec 9 2016 by

In honor of the season, I have a book giveaway for you. From Dec 10th to midnight PST on the 14th, 2016, you can get this book for free.  Yeee Ha! I am giving Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace.  This is my bestselling book and really does help you become more serene. The elections left us all a bit bruised and wrung out.  The holidays themselves can stress anyone. Ironically, the dark season of the year can be the time for quiet contemplation.  Try to use it …

Book Giveaway This Month

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Book Giveaway This  Month I’m playing with the idea of giving two books away each month.  They will be available on the first two weekends of the month and the third Saturday.  Amazon lets me give books away on 5 days. The first one each month will be a bestseller.  The second, one of my lesser known books. This month, October, 2015, you can get and enjoy these two – Altar Making: An Active Meditation for Healing Your Heart and for Deepening Spiritual Meaning in Your Life Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well: How to Prevent and Treat Colds and …

Getting Serene, a Story

Posted On Mar 13 2013 by

My friend Dr. Alexandra Gayak of the Science of Being Well website wrote this lovely story about getting Simply Serene.  Read on – Yesterday I was having a rare bad day. Really bad. But I had promised my dear friend William to let you know about his book give-away. That meant I promised myself to re-read the book I remembered loving when he first wrote it three years ago, and write a fresh review.  To my intelligent side, this would be an obvious solution to the state I’d gotten myself into.  To my emotional side, there was no way it …

The Reader Bonus Giveaway of Simply Serene Is Live Now

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Get Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace now. And tell your friends, please. Let’s get the book out there.   They have until Midnight, Pacifica Coast Time, March 13th 2013 to get it. Find out more HERE .   Or send them straight to SimplySerene’s Amazon download page.   Walk in beauty,  William P.S. Go for it. Obviously. Amazon download page.   P.P.S. Please post to Facebook, et. Al., and pass on to your friends.

Multitasking Crashes Your Brain

Posted On Nov 30 2011 by

Research confirms what you already know. Multitasking doesn’t work to save time and it makes you feel even more frantic.  It doesn’t make you more efficient.  You don’t get more done. And, just between us two, it stresses you out. Multitasking blocks your way to living a life you love, don’t you think?    Here’s the Research   The brain needs to attend to one task at a time. Surprisingly, when measuring neural activity with people doing two tasks at once, the neural activity decreased instead of what you might think. You might think your brain would be processing twice as …