Quit Resisting Nasty Politicians – What You Resist Persists

Posted On Feb 22 2017 by

This aphorism has stood the test of time – What You Resist Persists We therapists usually think of this as something that plays out in our daily lives – like resisting traffic jams makes me grumpier than if I just go with it. Resisting the current US president or any authoritarian force in your life, ultimately doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work for lots of reasons.  First you stay in their narrative.  They make up the story.  They dictate where your mind and heart go, distracting you from what is most important to you. I don’t want you to just give …

Joyous Creativity

Posted On Jul 4 2014 by

Joyous Creativity It’s a delight to watch Linsey Pollak create a playing clarinet from a lovely orange carrot.  He’s infectious.  May you catch this joy. His shirt and hat make him a great role model for happiness. Walk in beauty, William

Metalsmith – Story of a Maker

Posted On Jul 17 2013 by

Today’s Oracle You can use my Potent Quotes Oracle page whenever you need help.  Hold a question in your heart, and see what quote comes up for you when you scroll down.  It will be a response to your question.  Play with it. Quotations act as little doorways into new worlds and new perceptions. They consist of distilled genius.  My software angels choose this oracle quote for you today: 185) Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father. –Roger von Oech Get the Wizard’s Handbook on Oracle Creation and have fun with oracles.   Metalsmith – Story of a …

It Might Get Loud

Posted On Dec 21 2011 by

The electric guitar.  Loud.  A documentary.  Yuck.  Well, no.    This must have been an immense challenge to create something worth watching about the electric guitar and rock and roll that could engage you, move you, and inspire you.  I have seen and heard this film twice now.  It moves me to tears.  Makes me chuckle.  And I take note.  Today, I recommend you get it and do the same.  Davis Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore, directs this visually beautiful film.    Here’s how they solved the problem.  They got three guitarists from three different …