What Is the Twenty Second Smile?

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The Twenty Second Smile was published today.  Early readers find it fun, playful, and filled with wisdom.

I included every idea, insight, tip, and Zen trick I could think of that has been helpful to me in my life and it’s what I have been teaching my clients over the last four decades.  They’ve been tested.   It has everything I know that works really well.

The subtitle for the book is Plus 97 More Engagingly Playful Strategies to Help You Be Happy, Wild, and FreeThat’s it.  98 chapters, each exactly 50 words long.  Each has its own illustration.  The book has over 100 full color images, mostly gleaned from artists over the last few centuries.

I have included many paintings from Mary Cassatt, an American impressionist who is famed for painting women and children.

She’s been a favorite of mine since Suzanne and I stumbled upon a show of her work at the Chicago Art Institute in the 70s.  She was new to us, and she enchanted us.

I used a detail from one my favorite paintings of hers for the cover.

The Book

the twenty second smile by William Wittmann Life Coach SeattleIt’s a beautiful square book 8.5 X 8.5 inches, 200+ pages.  Tons of color images… almost one per page.  I hope you put it on your coffee table and on you bedside stands to be used to delight and inspire.

I envision you opening it to a random page, reading the 50-word chapter, then putting it down, and pondering the possibilities it unlocks.  Or, perhaps, at a time you want direct insight, flipping to a picture that catches your eye, then reading the chapter, smiling, and considering the revelation.

Here’s A Fun Chapter…

Image from William Wittmann's Twenty Second Smile

Twinkling Eyes

When she tells you that his smile never reached his eyes, she reveals his soul.  Gives me chills.  Like the rattle of the snake, stay away from that dude.  But what happens when you let your eyes twinkle?  What happens when you twinkle on purpose?  Alone.  With strangers.  With lovers?

For a Limited Time…

For a limited time you can get this print version – 214 page paperback, for a reduced price only from this location => The Twenty Second SmileLater it will go to Amazon, and I will be forced to raise the price.

You’ll love it.

Go for it => The Twenty Second Smile

Be happy, wild, and free,


P.S. After you’ve enjoyed the book, please write a review and pass on this post to others.

Again => The Twenty Second Smile

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