Pain and Suffering –Difficult, Difficult, Difficult

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Clearly you can see, pain is guaranteed, but suffering being optional can be less clear.

Layman Pang in the Zen Koan says when confronted by life, “Difficult, difficult, difficult.”  You and I have long lists of physical and emotional pains in our normal lives.  Worries and pains around family.  Pain of aging – ours and that of our loved ones.  Pains of day to day injuries, and perhaps an occasional surgery.

Some of the pain that I experience comes from watching the craziness with our minority president.  His statements supporting white supremacy after the Charlottesville murder of Heather Heyer by a white supremacist hurt.

My friend, Genjo Marinello, Zen abbot of Chobo-Ji temple in Seattle, recorded this talk the day after.  He will give you some tools to move beyond suffering into transcendence.  I recommend it highly.

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to get value – any of the compassion traditions will work.  This talk suits grownups, and it will deepen your spiritual practice no matter what it is.  I promise.

You can download the podcast to listen anywhere or listen right on your computer or phone.




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