Falling Hurts – You Don’t Have to Do It

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This blew me away – young people slip and stumble as often as older people do.  But… But they don’t fall as often.  Because they have enough strength to catch themselves, they don’t hit the ground.  Surely, you remember that.

You can imagine the outcome of older folks falling and hitting the pavement or down a flight of stairs.  The consequences for older people can be horrible and fatal.

Please, develop the strength and balance to catch yourself.

These days, you can find coaching suggestions all over the internet, in many physical therapy offices,

yoga studios, Taiji classes, and senior centers.

Get yourself some strength and balance.  Don’t put it off.  It only takes minutes a day.

Google found these places for you.

Do something.  The cost of not doing it can be really high.

That’s the stick.

Here’s the carrot – doing any of these will make your life easier and way, way more fun.  I promise.

Walk in beauty,



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