Book Giveaway Bonanza

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Let’s try this.  I’ll give you the schedule of the upcoming book giveaways.  You go grab them, pass them on to friends, read them, live happily ever after, then write a glorious review.  OK.

Drum roll…

The Schedule:

Playful_Stress_Reducing_Shortcuts by Seattle Life coach William Wittmann5/6/17 Playful Stress Reducing Shortcuts: Fast Drug-Free Ways to Tickle Your Nervous System to Improve Your Happiness, Peace, and Vitality

5/13/17 The Eight Fundamental Secrets to Living Well: How to Live a Happy Life and Live Life to the Fullest




5/20/17 Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Dealserene kindle by Seattle life coach William Wittmann with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace


5/27/17 The Wholesome Entrepreneur: One Dozen Secrets to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit While Caring for a Successful Small Business

C’est tout.

May you walk in beauty,


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