Eating Less and Exercising More Doesn’t Work

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You know the recipe, to lose weight just eat less and exercise more.  It just makes sense.  But if you’ve tried to lose weight, most likely this hasn’t worked for you.  And it doesn’t work for anyone you know.  Quit it.

First, exercise benefits you in multiple ways – especially strength training so keep doing it or consider adding it at some time.

Second, it’s how you eat and what you eat that makes the difference.  As a person who has been dealing with my weight, fat, for my entire life, I notice I’m an addict.  Not a food addict, but a sugar addict. And flour.

Take the quiz put together by Susan Pierce Thompson – it’s fast and easy – to find out if you are predisposed to being an addict.

=> Susceptibility Quiz

After the quiz – watch the videos Susan sends you.  They’re fun and enlightening.

Go for it => Susceptibility Quiz

Be happy, wild, and free,


P.S. Pass this on to anyone that you know wants to return to their right weight.  Be kind.

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