Am I A Compulsive Overeater? No. Am I A Sugar Addict? Yep.

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I’m in week nine of not eating any sugar or it’s henchmen – flour.  Turns out I’m addicted to these processed foods.  In the last nine weeks, I haven’t overeaten.  I haven’t been hung-over from eating too much sugar.  I feel good – energized and clear.

But the big one, I haven’t felt any shame from being out of control with food.  Not eating sugar or flour, means no craving and no out of control  brain chemistry.

What got me started was the Bright Line Eating program.  The name comes from the idea of drawing a bright line around certain behaviors.  The term comes from law – a bright line “is a clearly defined rule or standard, composed of objective factors, which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation. The purpose of a brightline rule is to produce predictable and consistent results in its application.” Thanks Wikipedia.

So no sugar of any kind or no flour of any kind.  No exceptions for:

  • being a good boy.
  • For my birthday.
  • Because I’m sad
  • because it’s a free day
  • Or I’m visiting friends.
  • Or because they get to eat cake, I can, too.
  • Or because it’s Tuesday.

Bright lines are clear and easy.  It doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when I want some cookies etc.  But as I move through this, those cravings get weaker and pass quickly.

My motivation – four things.

  • Change my brain chemistry to a healthy relations ship with dopamine. With sugar consumption, many receptors go off line.  Dopamine relates to feeling good.
  • Heal the shame.
  • Return to my right body composition.
  • Bring my blood sugar into the best range.

Are you addicted – Take The Quiz.

This quiz and this thinking persuade me to set the bright lines.  When you take the quiz, Susan Pierce Thompson will start to email you some very good information – I recommend her combination of science and inspiration.  You can cancel anytime, naturally.

Go for it => Take The Quiz.

May you be happy, wild, and free,


P.S.  Pass this on to people who have been struggling with their weight and want a way out.  Be kind about it, naturally.

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