The Twenty Second Smile, Bet It Will Change You

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I excerpted this post from my upcoming book – The Twenty Second Smile & Other Playful Wisdom: 37 Exactly-50-Word Chapters & Illustrations to Delight You, to Inspire Your Journey, and to Remind You of What Works.

Enjoy this title chapter.  I have written about this before in different ways.  Twenty seconds may challenge you.  I find it difficult.  : )

Here’re your guidelines: Smile for twenty seconds as often as you remember to do it.  I’m smiling right now because writing this reminds me. 

Can you feel it? 

More to the point, can I? 

Consciously paying attention to anything for twenty seconds will change your life.  Smiling doubles the results.

May you be happy, wild, and free,


PS by Mary Cassatt, one of my favorite painters.

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