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Most of our health and happiness lies in our hands.  Self-care strategies let us take matters into those hands.

As a therapist, I recommend homework to clients that enables them to take care of themselves between sessions.

I, too, want great self care tools to take care of myself.

I have started to recommend YouTube videos for myself and for clients.  I don’t just use any video, but specific ones that show the Feldenkrais Method.

I choose Feldenkrais movements because they’re safe.

They work.

And they’re fun.  Fun because you get to do something new.  You get to explore your own body.  How cool.

And they’re fun because you get to hack into your nervous system to make profound changes to your body.  It can be quite magical.

When I need help with my neck, I go to then type into the search box – Feldenkrais and the name of what I want to heal, in this case – neck.

Like this => Feldenkrais neck


You will usually get several videos to play with.  Try the ones that you’re called to.  Try them all in order of the number of hits they have.  Etc.

Test your body part first – take a walk around your house, move in some way that tests your neck, shoulder, or what have you.  Do the movements recommend on the video, then retest.  Better?  If yes, do more of what works.

Be sure to move slowly; this isn’t a fitness exercise or an onerous task to get finished with as soon as possible.  Think luxurious movements, think fun, think cat.

The Feldenkrais Method takes its name from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984).  Besides being an engineer and physicist he was an accomplished Judo instructor.  He blew out his knee and was unable to walk.  Instead of getting the surgery that the doctors recommended, he invented the method.

Give the Feldenkrais YouTube secret a try.  It helps me and it helps my clients.

May you walk in beauty and ease,


P.S. Obviously, get my book: Do More of What Works – A Practical Prescription for Figuring Out What Works in Your Life for general life improvement.

P.P.S. My YouTube Channel has some goodies as well.  Here’s one for the knee using my daughter Zoe as a model.

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