Winter Is Coming – Get a Neck Gator

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Every spring, I urge people to go outside and exercise.  As a holistic therapist, that’s my job.  Next, I tell them, even while spring explodes, October is coming.  Winter is coming.  Get your mind right, do not be lulled into lassitude by the lovely weather, prepare.

The acupuncturists and my Taiji teacher have this aphorism –

“Keep the vile and pernicious winds from your neck.”

If I can keep my neck warm, I’m a happy guy.  I think I could go out in the cold rain in a tee shirt if my neck was warm.

neck gator for winterWelcome to the neck gaiter.  (I like the incorrect spelling – gator better, or my inner child does.)

Following the link, you’ll see all kinds.  I prefer fleece, but the smart wool would work well too.  Smart wool doesn’t itch.  Both stay warm when wet.

You may find the gator lets you play outdoors all winter, even in the cold October rains, as I just did.

May you walk in warmth and beauty,


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