The Best News You Don’t Know

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We just finished the first presidential debate for 2016 election.  Did you watch?

I have recommended for years that people quit watching the news, reading it on-line, or getting it through social media.

Why?  Because it scares you.  Fear drops you into fight-flight-paralysis.  And pretty much universally stops you from acting on the information your watching, making you impotent and hopeless.

The other reason, is that you rarely hear any good news on those outlets.  Good news just doesn’t photograph as dramatically as another shooting or shouting match.

Nicholas Kristof wrote a piece in the Sept. 22, 2016 N. Y. Times – The Best News You Don’t Know. 

He does two things, points out that you probably don’t know this good news and secondly he delivers the good news.  And it is amazingly good – good news.  Maybe even miraculous.

Read it HERE.

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  1. International Development Enterprises


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